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Monday, February 2, 2009

The Ethnic Masquerade.

I saw this trailer for a movie version of the Street Fighter video game character Chung Li.

Before I saw it I was kind of hesitant because I remember seeing a Street Fighter staring Jean-Claude Van Damme which was horrible.

But after watching the trailer here I let go a sigh of relief, this looked like a winner.

Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun Li

But after awhile I got to thinking about another trailer I saw for an Asian orientated anime that was going to make it's debut as a live action movie.

Dragonball Evolution Trailer

Dragonball Evolution from Joel LeBlanc on Vimeo.

Anyone see the difference?

Allow me, while the Street Fighter movie was featured an Asian actress, (well half Asian Kristin Kreuk technically), playing the star, the DragonBall Z movie had a very much Anglo star for it's movie.

My question is, should Hollywood be obligated to portray the actual race the character is based on in their movies?

The knee jerk reaction from me would normally be a "hell yeah, what is you stupid?!?!".

I mean what if they had John Travolta playing Martin Luther King?

Denzel Washington playing George Washington?

Aaaahhh, but there is the difference you say?

Those characters were very much real, and there race clearly defined, you say?

Well yes your right, damn right.

That's too much diversity if you ask me, and yes I do believe in a thing as too much when it comes to diversity.

So by that thinking, characters from the movies are make believe, conjured up from the minds of very creative artists, race shouldn't be assigned to them.

I disagree, well rather I disagree if you are on this side of the pond and you happened to be a minority.

When your a minority trying to see your self in the media is like trying to find Waldo while high out of your mind.

And you might not like what you see when you do find him.

Heroes and role models have to be grabbed up soon as the pop up or run the risk of having some twisted self esteem issue if your a minority.

You can ask any black woman who had a white doll as a little girl or watches to much TV about that issue.

Than there is the motivation of Holly-weird on why they are changing colors in the first place.

Is it catering to a larger white audience?

Is it traces of that old being a "better Native than the Natives" syndrome?

Is it even wrong for them to do so?

Do you even notice?

Would you notice if it didn't involve your race?

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