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Monday, January 19, 2009

Work to Be Done

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! What a momentous couple of days we have, today and tomorrow! My heart is full, my soul is bursting with pride, and my spirit is joyful. Behind all that, is the feeling that there is still work to be done, still a path to be travelled...there will be no days off.

One of the most miraculous and lasting memories that I will carry from this election season is seeing people, from all walks of life, from every background, of every color, creed, race, and of both genders, gather together to fight for a common cause. During my volunteering at the campaign headquarters, I met the most amazing people. People who shared my passion, but who looked different than me. Was I surprised at this? A little...until I heard them talk, and listened to their reasoning. This didn't have anything to do with Obama's skin color and had everything to do with his ability to spark a flame within all of us to want to become better. After living through 8 years of divisiveness, we all shared a common desire for someone who was going to unite us...someone who was going to remain a steady influence on bringing us all together for the greater good.

In the 40 + years since Dr. King was assassinated, I think that we have lost sight of what the dream he so eloquently spoke of. Or maybe we look at it in a narrow vision, limiting ourselves and limiting what we can do to change the world around us. The election of Obama is not the recognition of King's dream...I do, however, believe that it is an extension of it.

As an extension of Dr. King's dream, that means there is work to be done. We must all start with ourselves and make commitments and changes that put us out in our communities to get our hands in the mix. This world will continue to grow...I want to be a part of that. I owe that to my son, and to myself.

We have not erased the division of race that separates us, nor can we sweep it under the carpet and ignore the ugly head of racism when it rears its head. Electing a Black President doesn't automatically eradicate the disease; if anything it calls it to the forefront, begging for attention, discussion, solutions. It is my hope that we are walking through the door to equality, but it is a reality that there are several more doors to walk through. Dr. King and Obama have given us something to emulate...but we have to aspire and know that we ourselves can attain the existence of standing in that place where the dream has been achieved.

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