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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Purpose of Diversity Ink

In late 2008, a blog buddy of mine named Barbara asked if I was interested in starting a blog that dealt with race issues. Although I liked the idea, I was reluctant to say "yes" because my other blog (Pop Culture Dish) and life in general keep me busy. However, after reading some of the misguided race-related posts/comments on other blogs, I started to rethink my position. I also realized that if other contributors became involved, it would lessen the time required to undertake such a project.

One of the reasons the racial divide continues is that members of a particular ethnicity may talk amongst each other about race issues, but not to members outside their race. Also, because race is such a sensitive issue, people are reluctant to come out in the open with any of their views, questions, etc. My hope is that Diversity Ink might lead to the bridging of the divide and the breaking down of some of these walls.

When you visit Diversity Ink, you can expect to read race-related posts that deal with the following:

1. The personal experiences of our various contributors

2. Current events

3. Movies/TV shows, books, and magazine articles

4. Poetry (both original and previous works)

As with any blog, comments will be a vital part of Diversity Ink. Although we welcome intelligent debate, we are going to keep it clean and responsible. If you have any questions about the guidelines at Diversity Ink, please read our Comment Policy.

I am really looking forward to taking part in Diversity Ink. I expect it to be educational for everyone concerned.
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