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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Stomp Heard 'Round the Sporting World

In the January 24th NCAA basketball game between the Arizona Wildcats and the Houston Cougars, an incident happened that has yanked the Band-Aid off to expose the scab of racism that still festers in the hearts of many. During the 2nd half of the game, Houston guard Aubrey Coleman was called for a charge against Arizona forward Chase Budinger. While Budinger was on the ground, Coleman stepped on his face. As a result of his actions, Coleman was charged with a flagrant foul and ejected from the game. Although this incident may be an unfortunate accident at best or an ugly display of unsportsmanlike conduct at worst, some feel that it's racially motivated. In case you didn't know, Coleman is black and Budinger is white.

After watching the clip several times, it still isn't clear to me whether or not Coleman intended to step on Budinger's face. It appears that Coleman does briefly look down at Budinger. However, it could be that Coleman looked down so that he could avoid stepping on Budinger. After all, Coleman wasn't looking down when his shoe landed on Budinger's face. A counter argument is that Coleman could have prevented this if he had walked around Budinger instead of trying to step over him. As Coleman left the court, one of his teammates can be seen giving him some play. Although that move is questionable, some are looking on it as proof that Coleman did step on Budinger on purpose. If that's true, Coleman should be gone for the season at the very least because there is no excuse for that type of behavior. You can judge for yourself by watching the following clip:

A misconception formed by some is that an incident is racially motivated just because the individuals involved are of different races. Because of America's shameful record when it comes to race relations, I don't see any harm in questioning whether or not a situation might be racially motivated. However, I think it's wrong to automatically cry racism when an incident involves different races. I could be wrong in thinking that the incident isn't because of race. However, if one is to label this incident as being racially motivated, they are assuming that it wouldn't have happened if Coleman and Budinger were of the same ethnicity.

I have no issue with debating whether or not an incident is racially motivated, but using this type of story to spew hate is something else entirely. It seems that some cannot wait for these sort of incidents to occur because they know they're only a mouse click away from littering up cyberspace with their previously hidden prejudices. I first came across the Coleman/Budinger story on Yahoo Sports. Below are a handful of the racist comments that have been posted. There was ignorance coming from both sides, these are just some of the cleaner responses. Reading stuff like this makes me chuckle because it's so easy for these people to hide behind their keyboards rather than air their views face-to-face.

82. what a thug. how afro-americanesque of him

88. Typical brother...

94. his (profane) is (profane) rediculous. i can guarantee if Budinger was black and Coleman was white, he'd be a little whiney (profane) and cry about it being racially motivated. I'm tired of certain groups that think they can literally walk all over us because they are protected by equal rights. Hey, equal rights for whites. You see it in the job market all the time, people with less education and experience get the jobs because of what they look like. I'd like to see Coleman get this same thing happening to him , be it a white guy, and we'll see if he cries racism.

127. i bet for coleman this got somethin to do with obama becoming prez

158. Typical African Roundball play.

166. welcome to obamanation

188. Well i will say this. I have lost alot of respect for black athletes. There always getting arrested and causing harm. Its too bad they cant see the harm their bringing to their cause. I try my best not to be racist in any way. But the black community is making that task difficult.

211. As usual black brainless thug in sports. It must be genetic because that race of people are useless for anything else. As we will see from our current mistake in office

5985. What are white people doing playing basketball still anyway? They suck at it.

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It's no surprise that people are fired up over the Coleman/Budinger incident. When I started writing this post shortly after 2 PM EST, the story on Yahoo Sports had a little over 1,000 comments. As of 5:05 PM EST, it had 7,567 responses. I'm looking forward to hearing what you readers have to say on this matter.
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