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Monday, June 27, 2011

Herman Raises Cain Over Jon Stewart's Comments

While giving a speech in Iowa on 6/22, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain addressed the criticism he feels he's received because he's a black conservative. In particular, Cain shared his thoughts on The Daily Show segment in which host Jon Stewart lampooned Cain's comments in a recent speech regarding shorter bills if he was to become President of the United States:

Below is the clip from The Daily Show in which Jon Stewart pokes fun at Herman Cain for the "3-page bill" statement.. The Cain segment starts around the 1:54 mark of the clip.

Here are my thoughts:

I think Herman Cain was serious with the “3-page bill” proclamation. Judging by the applause he received from some of the audience members, they thought he was serious too. To be fair, there were some in the audience who did laugh. If the message Cain was conveying in the speech was that bills would be short and understandable once he became POTUS, why include the number? It sounds to me like Cain is trying to cover now that he’s being ridiculed for his comments.

Herman Cain and his supporters are playing the race card with their attacks on Jon Stewart. Stewart isn’t doing an “Amos & Andy” type voice in that clip. It sounds like he’s speaking in a loud, bombastic style with a bit of a Southern dialect… similar to Cain’s. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard Stewart use a similar voice when he lampoons white politicians as well.

Cain is the one who keeps bringing up his race. Listen to the first clip… he mentions his skin color four times! It’s almost as if Cain is trying to assure the Tea Party segment of the GOP… “Look at me… I’m black! But don’t worry; I’m one of the good Negroes”. We get it Herman, you’re black!

I don’t think the fact that Herman Cain is a black conservative is the reason he gets ridiculed. This is a right-wing talking point that gets repeated regardless of skin color. It was even the subject of a guest post here last year. The reason Herman Cain gets criticized by me and many others is due to the idiotic/bigoted things he says. Here are some of them...

His misunderstanding of the “right of return” regarding Israel and Palestine:


His anti-Muslim comments:


His epic failure in trying to quote the Constitution:


We criticize non-black conservatives such as Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Louie Gohmert, and Michele Bachmann when they make idiotic and/or bigoted statements. Why should we give Herman Cain a pass just because he’s black? Let me also add that I have no issue with a black person being a conservative. It's possible to be black, conservative, and be rational. Colin Powell and J.C. Watts come to mind. Even Michael Steele has become more sensible since his ouster as head of the RNC.

What are your thoughts on the Jon Stewart/Herman Cain controversy?
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