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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

According To Right-Wing Blogger: Black Celebs Empowered in the Age of Obama

Recently, I got into a debate with a right-wing blogger in the comments section of a post he wrote about the incident at George Bush Intercontinental Airport involving Patti Labelle. Because the blogger connected the incident to President Obama, I asked him to explain the connection. He responded with the following:

"I feel that Black celebrities have a feeling of power and that they can get away with anything since Obama was elected. Case in point, the Professor Henry Louis Gates, where Obama RAN to his defense."

Although I disagree with this blogger's theory, I felt the topic could generate a lively discussion. As a result, I invited the blogger to write a guest post about it here. Since he declined, I decided to write it myself.

As I said previously, I disagree with the idea that black celebrities feel empowered to do whatever they want in the Age of Obama. I'll go even further by saying it's absolute nonsense! The blogger makes it sound as if there is a hotline for black celebs to reach President Obama so he can make their legal troubles go away. Oh and if people think President Obama serves as a human "Get Out of Jail Free" card for famous black people, tell that to Plaxico Burress and Lil Wayne among others.

The blogger cited the incident involving Prof. Henry Louis Gates as proof of "Black Celebs Gone Wild". Because President Obama and Prof. Gates were friends, I think it was this relationship (not race) which played a factor in the president coming to his defense. President Obama even admitted their friendship may have caused him to be a little biased when viewing the case. Also, there is no evidence President Obama played a role in the charges being dropped against Prof. Gates.

As it stands, I think the blogger is not only off base, but paranoid as well. If black celebs as a whole waited until the Obama presidency to start acting like they could do whatever they wanted, I'd agree with his statement. Also, if anyone can show me a stat illustrating an increase in black celebs causing trouble since President Obama took office, I'd love to see it. The bottom line is that any black person (famous or otherwise) is a damn fool if they feel they're above the law simply because Obama is president.

Do you think the Obama presidency has caused black celebrities to think they can get away with anything?

Note: If one buys into the right-wing blogger's theory, they must also be nervous over what would happen if a Latino becomes President of the United States. I can imagine them quivering at the thought of celebs such as George Lopez, Eva Longoria, Mario Lopez and America Ferrera in a smoke-filled room plotting all the mayhem they’ll unleash in the event Marco Rubio is ever elected president.
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