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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Guest Post By Trestin: Affirmative Action

As you may know, one of the goals of Diversity Ink is to allow people with differing viewpoints on race-related issues to share them here. A little over a week ago, I came across the following post (Affirmative Action) on the blog Trestin Meacham. I contacted the blogger (Trestin) and asked if he'd be interested in letting me use it as a guest post at Diversity Ink. In his email response to me, Trestin welcomed the opportunity. He added that he was impressed with the open nature in which things are discussed here. Trestin also said he would try to get some of his readers to come here and join in on the discussion. My hope is that this generates a lively, respectful, and educational debate.

This was posted by Trestin on his blog in mid-January 2010:

Most of the great figures in history only became great after overcoming enormous obstacles. Nothing worth while comes easy. I for one am glad I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I'm glad my family did not just hand everything to me. Having to go though some struggles made me a better person. There is true satisfaction in knowing you earned something. Many minorities have some of that satisfaction stolen by affirmative action programs.

No program has done more to hurt the minorities than affirmative action. Most white people hate affirmative action, but we are not the ones who suffer the most. It seems to say that minorities are losers and can not succeed without extra help. That's not true and we all know it. It is degrading and belittling to honest people to get special treatment when they do not need it.

I am Mormon; our people suffered all kind of persecution. The State of Missouri issued an extermination order against us. Do I ask for special treatment? No, everybody has ancestors that were wronged severely. If you go back far enough, we all have ancestors that were slave owners, and ancestors that were slaves. Human history is filled with slaughter and injustice. We must first stop being victims of the past, before we can benefit from the future.

Affirmative action is the opposite of Dr. King’s vision. Dr. King wanted a world where a man was judged for whom he is, not his ethnic background. Affirmative action does the opposite, it divides us and assigns value based on race. It creates an entitlement mentality that limits true equality. No one is owed anything!

Very few people, judge people based on race. I think our society does for the most part, live Dr. King’s dream. Most of us judge a person by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. Why can't of government do the same? It's time to end these backward equality limiting affirmative action programs. Let's stop being African-Americans or Latino-Americans, let's just be Americans.

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