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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gretchen Carlson Brings Race Into the Serena Williams Controversy

During Sunday’s women’s U.S. Open final match, Serena Williams had words for chair umpire Eva Asderaki after she had called a code violation on the tennis star. This caused Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson to weigh in with her "wisdom".

Since when has the term "hater" had any racial connotations?  It never has, but I suspect Gretchen knew this all along. Whether they're calling President Obama's 50th birthday celebration a "hip-hop BBQ", accusing him of "chugging 40s" in Ireland, or Gretchen's take on the Serena Williams rant, many at Fox (including their website Fox Nation) have demonstrated a pattern of playing divisive tactics when it comes to race. Although it's shoddy journalism, it pays off for Fox because their typical follower buys into it without question.

Besides Gretchen's race-baiting, here are some other things that caught my attention during the clip:

1. When Gretchen claimed that a couple of years ago Serena "almost took the ball and put it down the throat of a line ref", she is flat out lying. This is what really happened. Threatening to do something isn't the same as almost doing something. Besides, who really believes Serena was going to take a tennis ball and actually shove it down that woman's throat?!

2. Brian Kilmeade was absolutely right when he shot down Gretchen's claim that Serena's outburst was an example of the "entitlement generation" in today's society. When you're getting schooled by Brian, you're in bad shape.

3. Considering that Gretchen lies and distorts regularly on national TV, she's in no position to call out Serena Williams for setting a bad example for kids.

There is a worthwhile debate that can come from Serena's recent tirade and that's whether or not a race/gender double standard exists when it comes to how we view athletes who go off during the heat of battle. For example, how often have the folks at Fox "News" talked about the on-court behavior of Andy Roddick? But hey, why should Fox launch a thoughtful discussion when they can toss racial red meat at the sheeple?

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