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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wife of NJ Republican Sends Racist Email To Carl Lewis

l-r: Carl Lewis, Pat Delany and Jennifer Delany

Earlier this summer, Pat Delany (R-NJ) stepped down from the state Assembly due to a racist email sent by his wife Jennifer to the campaign of Carl Lewis (the track & field legend who is running as a Democrat for the New Jersey State Senate. Jennifer's email said, in part, “Imagine having dark skin and name recognition and the nerve to think that equaled knowing something about politics.” You can read more on the story at the following link:

Pat Delany Resigns Over Wife's Racist Email

Here are some of my thoughts on the incident:

1. It took a certain level of brazenness on the part of Jennifer Delany to spew bigoted comments like that and not only think it's OK, but not expect any fallout.

2. Based on what we know, I kinda feel sorry for Delany because he's paying a political price for the stupidity of his wife.

3. I also credit Delany for not trying to deny or brush aside the incident.

In the clip below, The Young Turks break it down:

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