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Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Rush"ing to Judgement in the West vs. Wasserman Schultz Showdown

On July 19, Congressman Allen West (R-FL) sent an email to Democratic Representative and DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) in response to comments directed at him in a speech the Congresswoman made on the floor of the House of Representatives after West had departed the chamber. In the Young Turks' clip below, you can hear West's email as well as the comments by Wasserman Schultz which led to West's response.

As some of you can guess, I do not like Congressman West. However, it goes deeper than politics. Since bursting on the national scene, the Tea Party darling has shown himself to be a thin-skinned, bigoted bully with some anger issues.

You may be asking yourself why I'm blogging about the back and forth between West and Wasserman Schultz. It's just a disagreement between two politicians, right? One happens to be black and the other is white. Well, the reason I chose to write about this is because Rush Hudson Limbaugh III decided to weigh in with his "wit and wisdom":

Rush is truly one of a kind. It's amazing how many things he managed to get wrong in less than 7 minutes! Since this blog deals with race issues, I won't get into Rush's nonsense about death panels, decorum on the House floor, "left-wing women", etc.

In the "minds" of dittoheads like Rachel (the caller at the beginning of the clip), a white person is racist anytime they criticize a black conservative such as Congressman West. This is why I laugh when conservatives accuse liberals of playing the race card. Although Rush didn't come right out and accuse Wasserman Schultz of being a racist due to her comments toward West, it seems he agrees with the sentiment because he let Rachel completely off the hook when she threw out her baseless charge during her call.

I think Rush is dead wrong in saying there would be charges of racism if the situation was reversed. Black Democrats have been criticized without liberals crying out racism. For example, scores of white Republicans have directed criticism at President Obama. When they stick to policy issues in their disagreements with the president, I'm not hearing charges of racism from the left.  It's only when the criticism resorts to race-baiting tactics like accusing him of racism, questioning his place of birth, insinuating that he's not "one of us", etc. that me and other liberals raise our eyebrows. Now we will refer to them as hypocritical partisan hacks in a second because that's what you call someone who keeps their mouth shut when their side does something, but cries foul when the opposition does the same thing.

Although the West and Wasserman-Schultz disagreements have gotten personal, I don't see race as a factor. I think West and Wasserman-Schultz simply don't like each other.

Update: As a guest on Mark Levin's show, Congressman West played the race card when discussing the incident involving him and Wasserman Schultz:

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