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Monday, March 28, 2011

Garth Brooks Suffers From "White Guilt"?

 Early Saturday morning while watching a repeat of Friday's The O'Reilly Factor, I was intrigued by that night's "Pinheads and Patriots" segment. Although I find the "P and P" segment as a whole rather silly, this one caught my attention. For those who aren't familiar with "P and P", Bill O'Reilly runs a clip and the viewers vote on whether the people/person in the clip is "Patriotic" or "Pinheaded". On the following night, O'Reilly airs the poll results. Thursday night he aired a portion of the following clip:

 To the best of my knowledge, O'Reilly only aired the part of the clip in which Garth gave his answer to the question "Has President Obama lived up to your expectations?" When O'Reilly revealed the poll results, it showed that 85% felt Garth Brooks was a pinhead for what he said. This led me to see what people had to say about Garth Brooks' comments online. The following are some of what I found at FoxNation.com:
  • Pssst, Garth, you don't have to like people just because they have a little extra melanin.
  • ...another Loser supporting a Loser.......what a waste of whyte...
  • Garth Brooks is a fat, stoopid-looking little dweeb who has made so much money peforming to primarily white audiences that his 'white-guilt bags' are overflowing to such a degree he can no longer pick them up. As a release, he has convinced himself that loving Obama will make all of his miserable feelings of shame go away.
  • There is the perfect example of a caucasian that is incapable of talking down on a black man. And these are the people that got us into all this trouble.
  • In Obamas' world, you committed the original sin simply being white and no amount of sucking up can change that.
Say it ain't so?! Members of the right needlessly injecting race into a topic. No, they'd never do that!

Note: The comments section for the Garth Brooks story has been closed at FoxNation.com.  However, you can read similar nonsensical remarks in the comments section here at CNSNews.com.

I plan on writing a guest post about the Garth Brooks controversy from a different and more serious angle on the conservative blog Teresamerica later this week soon.  As I said, the comments section for the GB story has been closed at FoxNation.com.  However, I cut and pasted some of the "best" comments into a Word document.  I'll be including some of these in the guest post. Stay tuned...
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