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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ESPN Benches Bob Griese Over His Montoya Remark

Current NCAA college football color commentator and former Miami Dolphin great Bob Griese has been suspended for one game by ESPN over an off-color remark he made Saturday. During ESPN's telecast of the Minnesota-Ohio State game, a promo for the NASCAR Sprint Cup ran with a graphic showing the top 5 drivers in the points race. When fellow ESPN analyst Chris Spielman asked where was Colombian driver Juan Pablo Montoya, Griese replied, "He's out having a taco." Hmm... I didn't realize the taco was a Colombian food, I guess that's because it's not. At the end of the game, Griese apologized for his comments (he offered a 2nd apology later).

A one-game suspension is sufficient. It'll give Griese time to reflect on his offensive remark and maybe brush up on Colombian cuisine.

The clip below includes Griese's remarks during the game and his apology:

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