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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bum Rushed!

It's official... Rush Limbaugh has been dropped by the Checketts group, the individuals attempting to purchase the St. Louis Rams of the NFL. It's funny how karma can quickly bite you in the ass. Less than 2 weeks ago, Limbaugh and scores of others on the right put on a disgusting display by laughing and cheering over Chicago's failed bid to land the 2016 Summer Olympics. Do you think Rush and the rest of them are laughing now?

Update: Here is a clip from the talk show "The Young Turks" which includes segments from "The Rush Limbaugh Show". In it, he discusses being denied by the NFL and attempts to explain the 2007 "Bloods and Crips" comment he made about NFL players. As I said in the previous post about Limbaugh's bid to purchase the Rams, part of me hoped he did get rejected because it would show that being a race-baiting, sexist scumbag has its consequences. The Young Turks do an excellent job of elaborating on this point.

For more on Limbaugh getting drop kicked from the Checketts group, click here.
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