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Monday, February 8, 2010

Doritos Ad Causes Some Baby Mama Drama

While listening to the radio on my way to work this morning, the show hosts were discussing the commercials that aired during Super Bowl XLIV the previous night. One man called in to say he felt the Doritos ad featuring a black man visiting the home of his date (a single mother) was racist. The caller thought the commercial implied that the single mother was a "baby mama". I was like, "caller say what?!" because I saw the spot and didn't see the racist connotation.

As a matter of fact, I found the commercial to be very funny. When I did some research on the web once I got home from work, I discovered that other people felt the same way as the gentleman who called into the radio show.

To assume that the woman's son was born out of wedlock is a reach to say the least. For all we know, the single mother could be a divorcée or a widow. She could also be a single mother via adoption. In jumping the gun and calling the spot racist, detractors are overlooking a couple of things. The performers are free of stereotypes (thankfully, the single mother did not look or sound as if she stepped off the set of B.A.P.S.) and the woman's home is immaculate.

By the way, props to the woman's son in the Doritos ad. Although I don't condone kids delivering smackdowns to adults, you have to respect a young man who protects his mama... and his Doritos!

Is the ad racist? You make the call.
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