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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Does Being A Sarah Palin Supporter Make One A Racist?

The answer to the question posed in the title of this post is no, but that hasn't stopped some conservatives from crying foul against a few members of the so-called "state controlled media". On the 11/18/09 edition of Hardball, host Chris Matthews did a segment on Sarah Palin's appearance in Grand Rapids, MI for a signing of her bestselling book "Going Rogue: An American Life". The segment also included MSNBC correspondent Norah O'Donnell and Salon.com's Joan Walsh. During the segment, Norah (who was at the location of the book signing) made note that the crowd who showed up to see Ms. Palin was mostly white. Chris agreed with Norah's assessment and added the Seinfeldian disclaimer that there's nothing wrong with that. Later in the segment, Chris suggested that Sarah Palin's rabid fan base has a tribal aspect to it. He went on to use the term "white people vs. other people" in regards to his belief that some of Palin's supporters harbor racist feelings and that she panders to this portion of her base.

Below is the segment from Hardball:

Predictably, this segment didn't sit well with some members of the right. They've taken it over the top by accusing Chris and Co. of calling all Palin supporters racist! I don't see anything wrong with either talking about the lack of minorities present at the Palin signing or commenting on how a segment of her base may feel about non-whites. The Hardball segment addressed those two points, but didn't lump all Palin supporters in the racist trash heap like some are claiming. As for the lack of support Palin has from non-whites, this has to be a concern for her if she plans to make a run at the Presidency of the United States. She might want to consider giving Tom Joyner and the folks at Univision a call.

Although I see nothing wrong with the Hardball segment, if people want to question why Norah and Chris made references to the racial makeup of the crowd, that's a valid debate. One could even be critical of the fact that neither of them mentioned the racial demographics of Grand Rapids as a possible reason for the lack of minorities at the signing (as of the 2000 census, over 67% of the population was white). But to say Chris and his guests called all Palin supporters racist is ridiculous! Some people are just sitting around waiting to be offended and I think that's the case with some conservatives in regards to the Hardball piece.

The footage below is from The Young Turks in which host Cenk Uygur airs and later discusses footage of Palin supporters being interviewed at another book signing of hers in Columbus, OH. All I can say is, "Yikes!!"

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