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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Breaking Point

I believe that I've told you that I live in a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri. I love living here and have never felt like an outsider. It is a friendly, welcoming neighborhood where the people are helpful and actually smile at you when you are in the store. I moved here for the schools, so my son would not be set up for failure, as I felt he was in the school district of Kansas City. So far, I've been very happy here.

Until I got that e-mail last week.

You see, I, along with every other parent in our school district, received an e-mail outlining the details of President Obama's speech today. As parents, we were told that participating in the speech was not a mandatory assignment, and any relating assignments were not mandatory either. The teacher emphasized that the discussions would not include any of his/her own political views, and if parents did not want their child to participate, they would be given an alternate assignment to complete in the Library.

I call bullshit.

I really cannot fault the school district or the teacher...they are simply trying to cover their asses. This whole situation, however, is weighing heavily on me. Why does it have to be like this? Why so much furor over the President addressing our students to stay focused on their school work and strive to be better?

All of this talk about President Obama trying to push his agenda on the children is a bunch of bullshit. These are just excuses to mask what the true issue is. It has been 8 months since President Obama took office and the opposition still cannot grasp the fact that the President does not look like his predecessors. I never thought that I would give in to the "racism" theory, but I have no other answer at this point. All of the socialism, Marxism, whatever-ism talk is code for the fact that there are some folks out there that cannot accept the fact that we have a biracial President.

And that saddens me to no end.

But the school thing? I have taken the stand that my son will be there, front and center. And he will not only complete the main assignment, but turn in the extra credit assignment as well.

The best way to fight ignorance is with education. It is my job to ensure that my son has that education. It is too bad that the parents who decide that their children shouldn't listen to this speech don't feel that way.

originally posted @ Conversations With Marva
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