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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Forgiveness vs Forgetting.

I was trying to put this into words and get all intellectual with it but.....hell see for your self.

The question here is do you forgive some one for saying something like this?

That of course is if you really believe he is sorry for what he says.

And if you do forgive do you forget?

Just cause you forgive a bigot who asked for it doesn't mean that his views have changed.

It means he now knows to keep his mouth shut.

Bottom line is that he wouldn't be saying sorry if he didn't get caught.

Why should this man keep his job knowing he has to interact with the same community he has so colorfully described?

Does forgiving him mean that we start fresh and let it go like water under the bridge, cause that would mean forgetting too.

I think if I believed he was sorry I could accept an apology, but I sure wouldn't be forgetting, let alone letting him keep his job.
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